Brayden is an amazing teacher! He pushed my kids out of their comfort zone and encouraged their talent to grow! I would recommend him to anyone!
— Katie Barron German

For nearly ten years, Brayden has led an active studio, teaching over 70 students ranging from ages 4 and up. His students have ranged from complete beginners to experienced musicians. A certified teacher with the Minnesota Music Teachers Association, Drevlow is an accomplished educator on both piano and violin. In addition to years of experience teaching, he has fine-tuned his teaching method with famed music educator, Randall Faber. Drevlow pushes his students to do their best, all while maintaining humility, perseverance, and dedication. Drevlow is a premier educator in the Fargo-Moorhead area for aspiring young performers.

A family-oriented music educator, Drevlow is flexible with families and scheduling. Family discounts are available on a need basis. Coming from a large family with eight younger siblings, he is especially skilled and patient with children beginning music. Drevlow prepares his students for achievement, competitiveness, and life-long musical skills. As a result, almost all of his students complete lesson books 3 to 4 times faster than the average student. Drevlow gives his students a well-rounded music education, including performance, theory, music history, enhanced note recognition, and sight-reading. His students practice excellence in music through performances in public settings, masterclasses, and annual recitals.

Drevlow is a strong proponent of dedication and achievement through music, attributing those fundamental values to his own success as a professional musician. Drive for musical achievement resulted in himself and his siblings:

  • Winning entire talent categories at Miss America as a pianist

  • Performing in prestigious All-State and All-National music ensembles

  • Performing in exclusive venues such as the Grand Ole Opry

  • Touring/performing around the nation for thousands of people

  • Attending world-class music schools

  • Performing for royalty and the President

  • Making careers out of musical passions

Drevlow encourages dedication to the process, humility in practice, and perseverance through difficulties. He instills these and other values in his students, giving them a firm footing for success in life and music. 

Drevlow teaches lessons on top-tier Steinway grand pianos at Hvidsten Hall of Music at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Drevlow teaches both piano and violin lessons. Lesson rates are $45/hour or $35/half hour, respectively. For more information, please use the contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child is old enough to begin music lessons? Generally, I would say that as long as they know the alphabet, they should be fine! In the early stages with young children, there's little to no reading. In the past, I have found this stage of development to be around age 4. 

Should I start my child with half or full hour lessons? I would say that it depends on age. In my experience, kids age 7 and up should pursue full hour lessons to give them a good jumpstart into music. That's not to say that they can't begin with half hour lessons, but I recommend hour lessons. Lessons are taught on a weekly basis for the student's benefit.

Does my child need to have past musical experience? It is not required to have past musical experience. However, if you child has taken private lessons in the past or music class at school, let me know! 

Do I have to wait for an enrollment start date? There's no better time than the present! Students can begin lessons at any time of the year. 

Do you offer any other discounts beside family discounts? I do offer discounted introductory lesson fees, if lesson tuition is a concern. The family discount applies to families with two or more students. 

Do I need to find and buy lesson books? I take care of ordering all lesson books, just to ensure that it's the right book(s) and that we stay on track. All you will need to bring (for the first lesson) is a notebook.

Do I need to have a piano at home to begin lessons? It's hard to practice without an instrument, so I would recommend it. If cost is an issue when beginning piano, an electric piano will suffice for awhile. However, I would recommend upgrading to an acoustic (upright or grand) piano when possible. Simply put, acoustic pianos have an important weighted touch, unlike electric pianos. If looking for something quick and cheap, check Craigslist for free or cheap pianos in the area. While it may not be the world's best quality, it will get you by until you can finance or lease a higher quality piano. This is common among beginner pianists. Most local music stores have good quality pianos starting around a few hundred dollars, which you can upgrade to farther down the road. 

My child is very involved in activities and sports like hockey. Can we still do lessons? Yes. In fact, many students in the studio are involved in a handful of extra-curriculars (especially hockey!). If there's a conflict with scheduled lessons, we can simply reschedule for that week. I pride the studio in flexibility for these types of scenarios. 

Do you offer make-up lessons? Yes. The general aim is to reschedule lessons to another time/day in the week. 

Is lesson tuition due at every lesson? There is no requirement on specifically when lesson tuition is due. Almost every family in the studio goes on a monthly basis. 

Are there any parking fees, with lessons at Concordia? No, parking is free. 

Are parents required to sit-in on lessons? Parents are not required to sit-in on lessons. While having lessons, parents/families are encouraged to relax in the lobby, where there are couches, restrooms, and free Wi-Fi. 

Do you have studio recitals? Yes! Near the end of every school year, students participate in a studio recital. For the recital, students perform on a 9-foot Steinway Grand Piano (which is like the Lamborghini of pianos). Each student performs at least two pieces. These recitals are free and open to the public. The 2018 recital will be on Saturday May 5th at 7pm, at Concordia College's Chrsitiansen Recital Hall. This year’s Christmas Pops Recital will be on December 14th at 7:30pm.

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Fact: 20% of kids learn how to play music. 70% of adults wish they had. 

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