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Solo piano and L'Ambizioso Duo concerts

Bravo! What a treat to host you for a concert. We and our attendees really enjoyed the variety of music you provided, as well as your engagement with the audience!
— The Lodge on Lake Detroit (concert venue)
Thank you SO much for performing for us! I keep hearing that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the concert!
— Jude Richter, (concert host)
How can you top it? Fantastic - better than Liberace!
— Judy Smith
Brayden’s arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic was absolutely amazing. It was fun to hear him in solo performance. As for the Stars and Stripes Forever, I could hear every instrument in the band in his arrangement!
— Barb Geer (concert host)
VERY technical and fun! Loved every minute of it!
— Shelley Galle (concert host)
I loved the humor and lively atmosphere! Was definitely a highlight of my year!!
— Kelly Goss
...Wonderful and all residents were so impressed. Please come back to perform again!
— Jenny Barlow, Friendship Village Retirement Home (concert host)
...Very talented musicians and very knowledgeable.
— Golden Manor (concert host)
Beautiful concert - would certainly go again. Very talented young men.
— JoAnne Yuergens
Excellent!! I thoroughly enjoyed the music!
— Micheal Olson (concert host)
Well done! We so enjoyed your concert! Our doors are always open for you!
— Elaine Gustafson Schmidt (concert host)
Beautiful music! It made my heart and soul sing!
— Sandy Walker
Excellent solo pianist! I’d love to see again!
— Mary Gilthvedt
Well done, both artistically and technically! One can tell they’re enjoying every minute and that is conveyed to the audience.
— Kristi Morrison
Besides being so incredibly talented, you are both great guys and a joy to be around.
— Robin Solac (concert host)
Nice format and balance highlighting your individual talents and your totally in-synch music making together.
— Lori Schwartz (concert host)

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